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Quick & professional MV/LV upstream architecture design

Thank you P Lepretre for your useful answer to my last post!

Will use for sure IEC61439-1/2 standard to cope with high ambient temperature to design LV Panels!



Now am I fed-up with Excel based inaccurate MV/LV architecture design.

I like to deliver professional stuff, but I always miss time to get deep enough.

It must probably exist AutoCAD compatible professional tools to quickly but accurately design architecture: for example, optimize MV/LV substation locations against loads barycenter.


I believe I would use such kind of tools as far as I could use AutoCAD layers as inputs, and export results in AutoCAD electrical sheets.


Would anybody know such tools?




Re: Quick & professional MV/LV upstream architecture design

Hi Espe,


I believe ID Spec Plugin for AutoCAD more or less addresses what you are looking for:



Please find below:

  • Plugin summary
    Design time reduction
    Complements your design tools. You can now build your electrical plan directly on the building layout inside AutoCAD.

    Reduce Capex and Opex
    Helps to Optimize your design. You can evaluate electrical energy performance of the building installation to save on Capex and Opex during the initial stage of the project.

    Professional Reports
    Bill of quantity and detailed technical specification of the electrical equipment according to industry standard to generate project proposals in no time.
  • Below feature meeting one specific example you gave:
      Calculation and Solution


    • Baryenter calculations to determine power sum and optimal location of equipment according to IEC60364-8-1 
    • Electrical installation cable sizing according to IEC 60364 taking into account cable length
    • Automatic sizing and selection of major electrical equipment MV switchboard, MV/LV transformer, LV main and sub-distribution boards


Wish that helps!

Jean Commeignes

Exchange Community Manager



Re: Quick & professional MV/LV upstream architecture design

Hello Esperanto , 


Please find IDSpec AutoCAD PlugIn at below link:



Sorry for inconvenience due to link modification.

Best Regards


Exchange Power & Building Community Manager


Re: Quick & professional MV/LV upstream architecture design