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This Community is aimed to support Power Distribution Professionals, involved in design or implementation of Power Distribution. It deals with Safety, Power availability, Efficiency, and Connectivity.
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Game-Changing Technologies: Changes in Computational Design

Do you use classical design or design thinking in your everyday work? Organizations have traditionally used both but rapid changes in technology are challenging these methodologies. How do you keep up? Computational design is the answer.


What sets Computational Design apart is its ability to design for scale, real-time and on-demand. Setting parameters with computer logic to test multiple designs, 3D modeling and visualization, testing and evolving designs all with the automation and processing power of the cloud.


Computational design extends consulting engineers intuition and experience, setting them up for the next 10-15 years of innovative, insightful and personalized design...



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Game -changing Technologies: Changes in Computational Design





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  • A multi-lingual Global Marketing & Digital Communication/Community Management specialist, mostly involved in Sales enablement & Digital transformation. Born in Morocco, grown up in France, studied in England, working in the US, I like to consider myself as a world citizen who treasures relationship building, intellectual curiosity & learning agility. Make sure to ask me about the communities on Exchange.se.com, the Schneider Electric fast-growing open ecosystem for IoT energy management & automation solutions.