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This Community is aimed to support Power Distribution Professionals, involved in design or implementation of Power Distribution. It deals with Safety, Power availability, Efficiency, and Connectivity.
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Collaboration is Closely linked to Design Technology

Video conferencing and smartphones allow us to collaborate without needing to be in the same room. The internet allowed us to share our designs digitally across great distances. Thanks to these technologies we can now truly work remotely. In the world of design, technology is exponentially advancing and so is our ability to collaborate. Collaborative Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR), and Computer Supported Collaborative Design are paving the way for the future of design technology and collaboration.


Global, 24/7 collaboration has its challenges such as managing locations, coordinating and maintaining version control, and finding communication preferences from all the non-face-to-face options. But it also has its benefits. Bringing together wider skillsets that are tailored to customer-centric designs, streamlining tasks and providing visibility to all stakeholders collaborating on a project.


Consulting Engineers can leverage AI with the next wave of design technology in a hyperconnected global environment where collaboration will continue to evolve...



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Collaboration is Closely linked to Design Technology





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