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Schneider Electric Exchange Release Notes Version R16.1

We are back with more improvements and enhancements for Schneider Electric Exchange with release of version 16.1!


What’s New in Exchange?

Exciting additions to your experience in Exchange.



Social Media Login Enabled

In an effort to streamline and improve login and registration on Exchange, we have enabled users to login from Facebook and LinkedIn. As with other platforms that permit social media as an access point, you will need to grant permission from a logged in social media account.


Here’s what you need to know about this new feature. Because Exchange is designed as a company-based platform new users will need to enter additional information to complete the login and registration the first time, including Company name, Country and Business Type. Depending on the social media platform you are using to log in you may be required to supply additional information – this is based on the security of the social media platform.


Our Biggest Improvements

Here are the biggest improvements we’ve implemented in version 16.1 that we know you have been asking for.



Enabled Privileged Access to Communities Based on Roles and Permissions

We know that each user needs a different level of access to communities, and have implemented a feature by which a user can seamlessly register & obtain the right privileges so that he can access the right communities to which he has the appropriate privileges



Improvements to the Search Experience

We’re continuously evolving our search experience, and with release 16.1 we’ve enhanced the search experience with on the Exchange Communities by implementing custom dictionaries & spellcheckers to improve search intelligence with respect to top searched terms on the community.


Support Roundup

For this release we performed dozens of “under the hood” improvements, and mitigated errors.  See the full list and other improvements and fixes  .


What’s Next?

We want to know what you think! Leave comments and suggestions to our current improvements, and let us know what you want to see next for Exchange!




Hey, Oma!  I'm interested in reading more details, but I'm afraid I get a "This is a restricted space" message when I try to click on the Atlassian link.


Hi Oma,


Thanks for sharing with us the latest features.





Hey @Jeff , thanks for noticing that!  We will add the details of the release this afternoon to give the opportunity to all the users to read the details, stay tuned 😉