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Schneider Electric Exchange Release Notes Version R15.4

Release Notes is our regular update where we highlight recent product additions and improvements so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. Our release note announcements launched with release 15.3 and we are back with more improvements for your experience and engagement on Schneider Electric Exchange with release 15.4. We want to provide not only visibility into our work but also welcome you to participate in conversation with us about that work.


What’s New in this release?

With our latest release we have a few functional highlights that we think you will appreciate.



Tag Everything in the Community

Now that you are used to using the @mention to tag your friends and other users on Exchange, you can use this same feature to tag content. Use the @ key to see suggestions for users as well as content throughout the site, including other conversations, files, and articles. This functionality is user-friendly and not constrained to capitalizations. Once an item is tagged with this feature, it will display as a hyperlink.


Elevate Your Profile

Exchange is at its best when users are engaging with one another and connecting to peers in the industry that can help them solve their real-time problems. Finding the right connections happens when user profiles are complete. To help users understand how their profile is communicating with other users, we’ve included better indications of what a complete profile looks like, using a percentage feature to show when more information is needed. Easier navigation to your personal profile is another improvement we’ve added with this release.


Better Content

We’ve enhanced how our content team can share valuable information with users and non-users of Exchange. So start to lookout more videos across the site.


Support Roundup

We’ve done our due diligence to make sure the experience in Exchange is at its best, performing more than 50 performance and scrubbing tasks, or “under the hood” improvements with this release.



@Omaelkabili @Jens thank you for the heads up! I like the progressive profiling! 

Hi All,

Is a dashboard exist to have a statistical view of the activities for countries ? Specialy to follow the EcoXpert partners.


Hey @TewfikBoudiba , do you mean you want to see the community activity per country. 

The core community team has access to these kind of filters and we can provide you such information if needed. Don't hesitate to reach out to me by private messenger to learn more about your request.