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EcoStruxure Control Expert v14.1 on Windows 10 LTSB 2016 - Too Slow.


EcoStruxure Control Expert v14.1 on Windows 10 LTSB 2016 - Too Slow.

We have only just recently started the move into the 21st century from good old (?) Proworx NxT to Unity.


I was rubbing my hands at the prospect of major speed improvements over what we had. In line with RSLogix etc etc.


I was sadly disappointed.


So, I recently raised a case with support asking why the performance of v14.1HF2 is slower on LL984 ladder editor than on Window 7 Enterprise 64 bit ( which in itself is not blisteringly quick - in fact it's quicker with 8GB Ram on a core i5 than 32GB on Windows 10 ).


The reply acknowledged that this is a known issue and the cause was due to Microsoft changing their bits.


Whilst I can see that this is an entirely credible explanation, I continued to poke around for another answer. 


Using Sysinternal "Process Monitor" tool, I could see a number of things...

1. Repeated access to registry for the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmeriveShell hive.

2. Same for HKCU\Software\MicrosoftWindows\DWM,

3. A lot of Spooler service activity.


The first time chime with the support response. MS have slowed things down in trying to make their OS compatible with both PC's and Tablets maybe ?


As to the last item, I thing EcoStruxure engineering can definitely take a good look at this.


If you disable the "Print Spooler" service  a marked performance increase results. 


You do get an annoying prompt : "No Printer installed by default" whenever you move between networks though. If this can be fixed / removed, I think the product would be much more usable at speed.


Who else out there hates waiting for the rotating blue ring to disappear ???


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Crewman Crewman

Re: EcoStruxure Control Expert v14.1 on Windows 10 LTSB 2016 - Too Slow.


Hello StewMorris, 


Thanks for taking time to describe and translate your feeling regarding Control Expert experience.


Your message has been tranfered to R&D; 

As a workaround Sprint spooler issue, it looks like the computer is not having printer installed.

A simple way to solve could be to install an instance of Microsoft PDF printer.

In standard Window version, it can be enabled like this (to check in LTSB).


It will be probably necessary to transfert your case to support for deeper investigation and share your application and environment description to reproduce and test this.


Microsoft Print to PDF.png



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Re: EcoStruxure Control Expert v14.1 on Windows 10 LTSB 2016 - Too Slow.

Thanks Yoram,


Cleaning up some unreachable and redundant printers also made a little bit of a difference.



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