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Redundant in rack M580 Redundant Master modules?


How do you wish to implement redundant ERIO networks?

  1. Would you want a double ring topology?
    • Protocols - HSR, DLR, RSTP
    • Module - dual ring connections on single module, single ring connection on two modules
    • See Choice A
  2. Would you want a double network topology?
    • Protocol - PRP
    • Dual network with same information sent over both networks
    • More expense
    • See Choice B
  3. Would you want a separate backbone topology?
    • Protocol - up to installer
    • Dual connections to ethernet backbone managed by IT 
    • Third party protocols selected by user.
    • Must comply with basic requirements
    • See Choice C
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Currently the PME PXM 0100 module  supports the following 3 basic architectures:

-Standalone PLC – PXM in Local Rack

-Standalone PLC – PXM in Remote Rack

-HSBY PLC – PXMs in Local Rack


For future development our work with ProSoft will take into account the PXM additional redundancy modes enhancement listed below and we need your feedback to know the business case of these new functionalities.


Could you send me your feedback (Customer name, architecture targeted, PXM & CPU number targeted with these new functionalities)?


The table below summarizes the various configurations, (both existing and proposed)






A and B have my preference.

I think PRP is on the winning hand, but a solution without extra switches is not bad eather.