What do you expect...? and what can we do about it?


What do you expect...? and what can we do about it?

Dear Licensees Community Member, 


As a licensee, you have a special place among 40,000-panel builders that Schneider Electric works globally with. This special place bounds us to a very special relationship, supported by several streams: events, a private forum (like this one - created by your request for several years), dedicated global and local support, specific certification process, etc. We (Schneider Electric) have certainly a lot to improve in order to support your business grow more and more, yet we also expect you to become our best in class ambassadors. It has been and will be always mutual contentment of commitments. 


Licensees are integral and integrated into our company's strategy, like extended family members to whom we give the key to our house... Yet, when I visit our Licensees globally, I often feel humbled; humbled that our licensed partners are more advanced than us in terms of strategic choice when it deals with digitalization or optimization as a solution provider. Humbled that our licensees have chosen us despite our common challenges...  I have been impressed by our Licensees partners' capability to thrive, and not only to survive.


So one question keeps coming back to my head... with fiercer competition on price due to commoditization of our industry on one hand and, with the unstoppable race into transformative business, from CAPEX to OPEX, enabled and empowered by unprecedented needs of IoTization on the other hand, what do you expect from Schneider Electric in this forum? What topic draws your attention to deeply support your business so your company still exists 20 years after...? All of you are businessmen and businesswomen who know Schneider Electric better than any company... Some of you have been introduced to Schneider Electric's new global Panel Builder Program ("mySchneider Panel Builder Program") during the Innovation Summit in Barcelona... In this new global program, our ambitions are bold and our strategy clearly sets.


And we know that monolog won't help us to grow together... So I look forward to having all your reactions - there is no bad feedback.  


PS: anyone who wants to know more about the program - please feel free raising your hand!


Re: What do you expect...? and what can we do about it?

Hello @LouAD0122,


Thank you for sharing this information with the community. 🙂


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