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Licensee Panel Builders Forum
This Forum is aimed to support Licensee Panel Builders involved in Design & Manufacture of MV/LV switchboards.
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Blokset switchboard horizontal transport

Hello all, 

I got an issue on a Blokset switchboard delivery.


I would need to carry it horizontally.


Could you validate please I can ship it this way?


Best regards



Re: Blokset switchboard horizontal transport

Dear Esperanto,


Good afternoon.


We do not recommend transporting Blokset panel in Horizontal position.


The panels are intended to be used in vertical position. During the designing of the panel, care has been taken to ensure to withstand the forces which is generated because of vibration in vertical position only.

During transportation in horizontal position, the Devices, busbars and sheet metal parts may get damage because of the vibrations generated during the transportation. This will affect the performance of the switchboard.


So, we do not recommend transporting in Horizontal position. It should be always in Vertical position only.


I hope it is clear now.


Best Regards