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Purge Connections for 80 GHz Radar

Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Purge Connections for 80 GHz Radar

If you decide to use a purge option with your 80 GHz radar, here is what it looks like. The purge option is available on these antennas and process connections:

  • Lens, DN40 (1-1/2”) with 1-1/2” threaded connections
  • Lens, DN70 (2-3/4”) with 3” threaded connections

It comes with a G 1/4 threaded connection on the air hose connection.

What's interesting is that the purge connection merely becomes an extension of your existing process connection.


Remember that a radar sees through dust.  But if you have an application where you think the build up will be so severe that it may cake and/or crust up very thick on the antenna, then a purge may be a good option and save some maintenance time.


Purging Connection.PNG


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