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Eating ultrasonics’ lunch in dry bulk solids market

Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Eating ultrasonics’ lunch in dry bulk solids market

It's bound to happen to all technologies.  You are at the top of your game, taking market share, living a large life and then you notice an upstart technology slowly making its way into your customer base.  Think hybrid and electric cars eking away market share from gasoline-powered cars...think cars taking away market share from the buggy whip manufacturers.  

Ultrasonic transmitters used in dry bulk solids level monitoring are starting to be eclipsed.  Radar technology is now so good that it can get a signal and level or distance off of very unreflective media such as polypropylene pellets.  The ability of the radar to “see” through the dust and a price that is now encroaching upon ultrasonics has led to radar’s adoption into several dry bulk solids applications that were previously “owned” by ultrasonic level instruments.

The demand for radar level transmitters in dry bulk solids is growing. Compared to ultrasonics, radar is often more reliable, easier to use, and has lower maintenance requirements. For a brief overview movie of our Schneider Electric 80 GHz LR65 and 24 GHz LR64, please visit

LR65 Installation.PNG




Solids Algorithms Pactware LR65 80 GHz.JPG


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