PACTware DTM - Radar Offline Device Type Selection


PACTware DTM - Radar Offline Device Type Selection

If you are trying to work with the LRx4 and LRx5 Radar DTM and you are locked into one type of radar, you can change the radar model.  This 3-minute video shows you how. 


Video link: https://schneider-electric.box.com/s/aph5kqcalw88mbn9ki5h0p64jww8z0cm


For example, the DTM reverts to LR74 when I start it up.  Now I can select any one of the five models of radar to demonstrate the DTM or configure a selected model offline.  It's worth mentioning that you have more connectivity and options when you are actually connected to an actual radar...but you *can* get some experience even in offline mode (not connected to an actual radar) using DTM as a standalone.


Radar Offline Device Type Selection.PNG