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"License Invalid" or "License Registry Error" displayed when opening the WorkPlace Tech Tool program.


Popup window displays "License Invalid", "License Registry Error", "License on wrong machine" or other related error when starting the WPT software.


WPT software (any release)


License information stored in license file does not agree with the WPT/WPTL license information stored in the Windows registry.


Use the following procedure to locate the proper version of the program and to generate the license diagnostic text file.  NOTE: If the old computer has WorkPlace Tech release 4.0.0 or release 5.x.x prior to release 5.7, skip step 2 in the following procedure.

  1. Open the Windows Explorer (My Computer icon)
  2. Search for the file "WPTLDiag.exe" in the Program Files folder of the C:\ drive (or drive where the program files have been installed).  If found, skip to step 4, below.
  3. Search for the file "WIBSLicenseDiag.exe" in the Program Files folder of the C:\ drive (or the drive where the program files have been installed).
  4. Right-Click on the file found in step 2 or 3 and select "Open".  This will cause the license diagnostic program to run.
  5. When the program opens its display, select Save from under the File menu and save the "WIB License Diagnostic.txt" file.
  6. Locate the license file listed on line 1 of the WIB License Diagnostic display.
  7. Email the complete displayed text error message along with a zipped copy of the license file and diagnostic output file to Product Support

A product support case will be created for you with the submitted information.  A product support engineer will contact you after reviewing your submitted information to assist you in correcting the issue.

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