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Zigbee Driver Error Codes


Need a description of Zigbee error codes

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Expert


SmartStruxure Lite Multi-Purpose Manager


No list of error codes available


Here is a list of all possible error codes

Error Code (HEX) Error Code (Decimal) Error Description


-2 Device offline (communication initialization after changing Ext. Network ID in ZVC)


-1 Device not bound
0x00 0 Success. Operation was successful.
0x01 1 Failure. Operation was not successful.
0x02 - 0x7d 2 - 125 Reserved by Ember
0x7e 126 Not authorized. The sender of the command does not have authorization to carry out this command.
0x7f 127 A reserved field/subfield/bit contains a nonzero value.
0x80 128 Malformed command. The command appears to contain the wrong fields or invalid field.
0x81 129 Unsupported cluster command. The specified cluster command is not supported on the device. Command not carried out.
0x82 130 Unsupported general command. The specified general command is not supported on the device.
0x83 131 Unsupported manufacturer cluster command. A manufacturer specific unicast, cluster specific command was received with an unknown manufacturer code, or manufacturer code was recognized but command is not supported.
0x84 132 Unsupported manufacturer general command. A manufacturer specific unicast, ZCL command was received with an unknown manufacturer code, or the manufacturer code was recognized but the command is not supported.
0x85 133 Invalid field. At least one field of the command contains an incorrect value, according to the specification.
0x86 134 Unsupported attribute. The specified attribute does not exist on the device. ( Zigbee Module not fully compatible with Room controller and FW of MPM)
0x87 135 Invalid value. Out of range error, or set to a reserved value.
0x88 136 Read only. Attempt to write a read only attribute.
0x89 137 Insufficient space. An operation failed due to an insufficient amount of free space available.
0x8a 138 Duplicate exists. An attempt to create an entry in a table failed due to a duplicate entry already being present in the table.
0x8b 139 Not found. The requested information could not be found.
0x8c 140 Unreportable attribute. Periodic reports cannot be issued for this attribute.
0x8d 141 Invalid data type. The data type given for an attribute is incorrect. Command not carried out.
0x8e 142 Invalid selector. The selector for an attribute is incorrect.
0x8f 143 Write only. A request has been made to read an attribute that the requester is not authorized to read. No action taken.
0x90 144 Inconsistent startup state. Setting the requested values would put the device in an inconsistent state on startup. No action taken.
0x91 145 Defined out of band. An attempt has been made to write an attribute that is present but is defined using an out-of-band method and not over the air.
0x92 - 0xbf 146 - 191 Reserved by Ember
0xc0 192 Hardware failure. An operation was unsuccessful due to a hardware failure.
0xc1 193 Software failure. An operation was unsuccessful due to a software failure.
0xc2 194 Calibration error. An error occurred during calibration.
0xc3 - 0xff 195 - 255 Reserved by Ember


256 Device offline


257 Device profile does not match selected device widget in Building Expert
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