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Xenta Server "Run" light is solid red with no communication via Ethernet


  • Xenta Server reports it is in FAILSAFE mode without shorting out terminals 9 and 10.
  • After connecting via HyperTerminal, restarting and trying to reset the IP address, the screen continues to scroll back to dsh/>
  • Xenta Server has gone offline and can not connect directly to it using Ethernet.
  • The Run light is flashing Green on first start up but then reverts to red and the LON light also flashes red.
  • During boot up it pauses and reports an error (via HyperTerminal) in loading the RAM disk. 
  • IP Address is set to and can not change it. 
  • Not able to load any firmware into the device – error received. "Error: Could not create remote directory."

Product Line

Satchwell MicroNet, TAC INET, TAC Vista


  • Xenta Server 527, 511, 555
  • Xenta Server 701, 721, 731


Unknown corruption of the Xenta Server hard drive / flash drive, possibly due to electrical noise.


To attempt to recover this device, try to format the device’s flash drive. To achieve this you can follow these steps using HyperTerminal or an equivalent application: (For further assistance with connecting to Xenta Servers and HyperTerminal refer to Connecting a serial cable to a Xenta 5/7/9xx controller).

  1. Login and type the command FORMAT.  (May require device to be placed physically into the fail-safe mode by shorting terminals 9 and 10). The format command can take up to 3 minutes to complete but you should see the confirmation through HyperTerminal while this is occurring.
  2. If you have placed the device into Fail-safe mode, remove the link on terminal 9 & 10.
  3. Restart the device, by either cycling the power or typing the command RESTART through HyperTerminal.
  4. Set the IP address and IP settings (command SETIP).
  5. Install the latest firmware.
    1. You can download the latest firmware from The Exchange Extranet; ensure that you use the correct version since there various versions for the Xenta Servers.
    2. Run the firmware download to the device. During the download you may receive an error regarding "Failure to get the hardware version from the target device…", select OK
    3. Continue the installation
    4. The download will then occur, it will take some time and may appear that the software is not responding but this is normal. Be patient and if you don’t receive any errors then all should be ok.
  6. The device should now restart, after a 1-2 minute window the “RUN” LED should be a solid green.
  7. If after following these procedures, the device is still not responding as expected please send into Repairs via your normal repair process.
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