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Xenta 280/300 without /N/P designation cannot communicate in a Network


  • The status of a Xenta 282, 301 or Xenta 302 does not go 'online' in TAC Vista, although the Neuron Status property of the controller is 'online' and 'Commission and Download' from TAC Vista is apparently successful. 
  • Values read "Failed to Read Signal" in a values page of a classic network.
  • Values read "Invalid Address" in a values page of an LNS network (also see [Invalid Address])
  • Controllers without /N/P (networking and presentation) designation cannot communicate in a Network.

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • TAC Vista Classic LON network
  • Xenta 282
  • Xenta 301
  • Xenta 302


Attempt to commission a standalone (non-/N/P) Xenta 282, Xenta 301 or Xenta 302 in a TAC Vista Classic LON network.  Non-/N/P controllers are designed to run stand-alone and be configured/interact only with a Xenta OP.


  1. Check the sticker on the side of the controller where the controller type, hardware version, and neuron ID are found.
    Example of a 302/N/P label.
    Example of a non-/N/P 302 label.   
  2. If the sticker does not have /N/P following the controller type, this is not a network presentation controller.  It will never communicate on a network
  3. Replace the non-/N/P controller with an /N/P enabled version.
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