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Xenta 102-AX effective setpoint output is perpetually offset by a fixed unadjustable amount


Xenta 102-AX effective setpoint output is perpetually offset by a fixed unadjustable amount


Xenta 102-AX


There is a variable in the memory of the Xenta 102-AX that can offset the space temperature setpoint.  It is set when adjusting the space temperature setpoint with an M/STAT and pressing Enter -- which is not a step required to make the adjustment.  From then on, this other variable will feed the M/STAT/STR-250 adjustment.


The only way to clear the invisible offset is the same way it was set:

  1. Configure the setpoint display to show normalized.  This will stop the setpoint from shifting between heating and cooling setpoints while it is being adjusted.
  2. Connect the M/STAT and adjust the setpoint to the intended, non-adjusted value and hit Enter again.
  3. Once the problem is corrected, remember not to hit the Enter key when adjusting the setpoint from the M/STAT.  This shouldn't be an issue for customers since the STR-250 doesn't have an Enter key.
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