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Where can VisiSat software and license be purchased and what Version/Build is supplied


(2019-06) The current version supplied is 2.1 build 196
Also available for VisiSat 2.1 Build 196:

  • Service pack 1 (Build 200)
  • Service pack 2 (Build 201)

Product Line

Satchwell MicroNet


  • MicroNet controller programming
  • IAC controller programming
  • MMC controller programming. 
  • VisiSat


Different versions of VisiSat must be used with specific Windows operating system and Microsoft Visio versions. The latest version/build of VisiSat may not be compatible with the users current system..


Updated June 2019
The MicroNet 50 series range MN350, 450, 550, 650 LCD and Touchscreen have been withdrawn from sale.
The IAC 420, 600 and Touchscreen have now also been withdrawn from sale.
No direct replacement is offered.
Further information on these changes can be found in PA-00495 - Notice of Withdrawal - Satchwell Sigma and PA-00528 - End of Commercialization - Satchwell Sigma.


VisiSat 2.1 Build 196 (MN-VSCORE) is available to download from the Exchange Extranet , since January 2018, VisiSat can be freely used without the need for a license.

Refer to PA-00597 - MN-VSCORE End of Commercialization - Satchwell MicroNet for further details on the availability of the VisiSat Configuration Tool .

The VisiSat data sheet provides information on operating system and Microsoft Visio compatibility for different builds of VisiSat 2.1.

VisiSat 2.1 Build Number Windows Operating System Visio Release
185/196 Windows 7 2003/2007/2010
XP Professional 2003/2007
148 Vista Ultimate 2003/2007
XP Professional 2003
137 XP 2002/2003
17 XP 2002

Two service packs are available for VisiSat version 2.1 Build 196.

Service pack 1 provides the following corrections:

  1. In the ARCnet debug Excel spreadsheet, the property editor can now be run.
  2. Exporting points to MicroNet View or Xenta Xbuilder, now allow up to 32 characters for the name and up to 50 characters for the description.
  3. In SBO (StruxureWare Building Operation) or EBO (EcoStruxure Building Operation) WorkStation, MicroNet Interfaces can no longer be exported/imported. All MicroNet engineering should be done in VisiSat first and then imported into SBO/EBO.
  4. Newly created blank pointslists can now be saved, without production an error message.
  5. Exports to SBO/EBO no longer produce Memory leaks.

Adding service pack 1 takes the VisiSat 2.1 build number of 196 to 200
Service Pack 1 is available to download from the Exchange Extranet and VisiSat version 2.1 Build 196 service pack 1

Service pack 2 provides the following correction:

Import file replaces all non-ASCII chars with replacement character.
Once added the characters are converted correctly and points with alarms and trends results in the import file is generated.

Adding service pack 1 takes the VisiSat 2.1 build number of 196/200 to 201.
Service Pack 2 is available to download from the Exchange Extranet and VisiSat version 2.1 Build 196 service pack 2

Further information on VisiSat installation and operation can be found in Download latest VisiSat Data Sheets, Engineering Guides, Installation and User Guides, and Release N....

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