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Where can I find datasheets and information on the SE7000/SE8000 series room controllers?


Where are the product specifications and application details for the SE 7000 or SE 8000 range of room controllers?


SE7000 Series

SE7000, SE7200, SE7300, SE7600, SE76x7

SE8000 Series

SE8600, SER8300

Ex Viconics branding.


Full details of the products are required.


The best source of information is in the online Product Selection:

Room Controller Selector Tool

This tool will allow you to select the correct unit for your application, then from the different tabs you will be able to see: Product Overview, Spec's, Dimensions, related accessories and to download the required documentation from the Links tab.

Note: The installation guide can be downloaded from the Links tab and contains detailed application setup, product specification and dimensions.

For BACnet versions of the controllers the PIC's statements can currently be downloaded from the Viconics section of the BTL official site using the corresponding VT7xxx part number, see link:

BTL Listings for Room controllers

Note: The SE8000 and SE8300 Series BTL Certification Listing is anticipated for late 2015.

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