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When starting OPRIF, the Auto Answer feature is enabled automatically and begins synchronizing with the external modem.


Trying to use OPRIF to make a few programming changes to a MicroSmart controller.  OPRIF is installed on a SIGNAL computer (Windows 98).  With SIGNAL disabled, OPRIF is able to start and handshake with the COM port.  However the Auto Answer feature is enabled by default and begins an endless loop of trying to synchronize with the modem.  The looping effect prevents a proper connection to the DMS to do programming changes.  How can the Auto Answer be disabled on startup of OPRIF?


OPRIF or Operator Interface version 11.4 and higher


Initialization file was modified by default


The readme.txt file in the DMS folder explains how to prevent Auto Answer from being enabled on startup of OPRIF.  Click here to view the entire readme file.  Below is the excerpt on how to disable Auto Answer:

6.  Changes to the command strings used for modem-initialization and control.

The default modem init-string "AT C1 E1 V1 S0=1 S7=51" has been changed.  It is now "AT&C1&D2E1V1".

If you or your modem don't like this string, you can now override the default.  Using NOTEPAD or EDIT, create a file called MODEM.INI in the DMS directory.  This file should contain a single line of ASCII, which will be your customized
initialization string.

The line must begin with the letters "AT", and must not contain the letters "DT".  Other than this one restriction, your modem-init string can contain whatever commands your modem requires.

Two separate default strings have been defined for turning auto-answer ON and OFF.  These may be overridden by creating files with the appropriate names in the DMS directory.

To specify a customized string to force your modem to STOP auto-answering, use NOTEPAD or EDIT to create file a called ANSWEROF.INI in the DMS directory.  By default, this file would contain the single ASCII line "ATS0=0".

If your modem requires a disconnect command, you could instead write a line that reads "ATH ATS0=0".

The default autoanswer ON string "ATS0=1", instructs the modem to answer on the first ring.  To answer on the third ring, use NOTEPAD or EDIT to create a file called ANSWERON.INI in the DMS directory.  It should contain the single
ASCII line "ATS0=3".


Description         Default String             Filename                             Comment
----------                 --------------                   --------                                    -------
Modem Initialize    AT&C1&D2E1V1    \DMS\MODEM.INI                Modified in 11.4
Auto-answer On      ATS0=1                  \DMS\ANSWERON.INI       New in 11.4
Auto-answer Off     ATS0=0                   \DMS\ANSWEROF.INI        New in 11.4

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