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What is the processor type & speed as used in Continuum controllers?


What is the processor and memory type & speed that is used in Continuum controllers?


All Continuum controllers


The processor speed for the i2/ b3 controllers are not defined on the datasheets.


The bCX1 uses the Coldfire processor and it is running at 66Mhz. It has 32Mb SDRAM and 16Mb Flash memory.

The Netcontroller II uses a MCF5275 processor running at 150 MHz. It has 128Mb SDRAM and 32Mb Flash memory.

The i2/b3 controllers also use a Coldfire processor but at 40MHz frequency.
The memory on the i2/b3 controllers varies from model to model and these are detailed on their specific datasheets on the Buildings Business Extranet. Some examples are:
b3920 1Mb SD RAM, 2Mb Flash, b3810 256Kb SDRAM 1Mb Flash, b3850 128Kb SDRAM 1Mb Flash.


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