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What are the possible values of a door's DoorFault attribute?


Decoding information from the door's DoorFault attribute value.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • CyberStation
  • CX9702
  • CX9680
  • ACX5740
  • ACX5720
  • ACX701
  • ACX781


The door's DoorFault attribute value is a weighted bit map that encodes information about a problem with the door as a whole or with one or both sides of a single reader/dual reader door.


The attribute is a bitmap that contains the following data:

Door Fault Codes
1 1 ACX Database Fault
2 2 Entry Keypad Tamper
3 4 Exit Keypad Tamper
4 8 Entry Reader Bit Fault
5 16 Exit Reader Bit Fault
6 32 Bond Sensor Violation
7 64 Unused
8 128 Unused


For example, a value of 2 indicates a keypad tamper at the entry reader, a value of 4 is a keypad tamper at the exit reader, 6 is keypad tamper at both readers and so on.

Note: The AlarmEnrollment Alarmed Attribute has a dropdown box that includes Doorfault. Ignore that. Set The AlarmEnrollment Alarmed Attribute to be Value and the Expression to be DoorFault = 2 in order to alarm a keypad tamper at the entry reader.

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