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What are the part numbers for the cables used with the xP expansion modules?


There are a couple of part numbers available for the expansion module cables, which ones are for which devices?


xP modules


Not sure which cables are for which xP modules. Descriptions and documentation on iPortal is inadequate.


There are three xP module cables available:

  • The 01-0100-484 cable is a replacement for the xP-Display module cable and this is meant to be for the xP-Display only, not for any of the other xP I/O modules.
  • The xP I/O modules such as xPDO4 require either the xP-Mod-Cable-3 or xP-Mod-Cable-10.

Be aware that you will only be able to extend the xP network for a maximum of 10Ft. See this iPortal datasheet or on Exchange Extranet for details.

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