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What are the elements in the Mode Control point of the Micronet 2000 MicroSmart Integrator that allow for setpoint overrides?


Several MN-FLO3 and MN-FLO3T VAV controllers are connected to a Micronet 2000 MicroSmart Integrator.  There is a mode control point in the integrator for each VAV controller.  Each mode control contains elements assigned to the various setpoints that are adjustable per VAV controller.  Which ones are they?


Micronet 2000

Niagara R2 & G3


Trying to map the proper mode control 'element' to a shadow object in Niagara so as to provide a user with setpoint control via a Niagara graphic.


There are seven setpoints that are adjustable.  They are assigned to the element name 'PVALU' along with a number from 1 to 7.  See table below. 

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