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Using Sysman Alert Server with EcoStruxure Building Operation


Is it possible to use Sysman Alert Server with EcoStruxure Building Operation?

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


Alarms and Events


Customers may wish to send important alarms to duty staff via SMS. Sysman Alert Server is one way of doing this and is easy to configure. 


This is possible. The following document details the setup procedure: Sysman Alert Server with StruxureWare Building Operation

The configuration will depend on the setup and location of the SysMan Server, but will generally involve "Write to File" Notifications if the Enterprise Server and Sysman Servers are installed on the same PC, or Emails to the SysMan Server (from Enterprise or Automation Server)

More information can be found on Sysman's website.

Part Numbers:

  1. SysManSMS ALERT SERVER: 900800600
  2. SysManSMS GSM Modem: 900800610

In the UK when ordering please use the below part numbers.

  1. SysManSMS ALERT SERVER: 802000
  2. SysManSMS GSM Modem: 100002
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