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Using STR-350 Bypass button as On/Off button in LNS Network


Using STR-350 Bypass button as On/Off button in LNS Network

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Vista
  • STR-350
  • STR-351


The Bypass button will only toggle the output of the nvoOccManCmd if the input nviEffectOccup matches the current button value.


The STR-350/351 Sensors allow you to configure the Bypass button as an ON/OFF button but if it is not setup correctly it can get stuck in a single position.

  • If using an application specific controller, the effective occupancy of the controller should be routed back to the STR-350 and bound to the nviEffectOccup. If using a 3rd party controller that does not have a SNVT for the effective occupancy, follow the step below.
  • If using a programmable Xenta controller the nvoOccManCmd coming from the STR-350 should be bound to the programmable controller that with some logic programmed to follow the toggle of the button. Then that signal should be sent back to the nviEffectOccup of the STR-350.

For the application used in the Classic network, refer to the Using STR-350 Bypass button as On/Off button in Classic Network.

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