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Unresolved BACnet References causing slow startup and configuration performance on Enterprise and Automation Servers


  • Automation / Enterprise Server configuration very slow
  • Attempting to make any configuration changes in the AS such as creating a new point/value or modifying existing objects is extremely slow. Note: This applies to the ES as well although less of a problem since the ES has better resources than the AS.
  • CPU usage as seen in the Status Information of the server is very high. (above 80%)
  • Question marks are shown on many objects in the application folder of third party BACnet devices that have been uploaded to the AS

  • Enterprise Server takes a long time to startup (15 minutes) before allowing users to log on with Workstation.  Deleting the BACnet Interface allows log on with 2 - 3 minutes on a restart.


Automation Server - AS

Enterprise Server - ES



Uploaded BACnet devices contain unresolved references to notification class object(s)


Ask for SE.SBO.ES-AS-

(SE.SBO.WS- for 1.4.1, there is no hot fix for versions before 1.4.1)

After applying the hot fix the server should become responsive.

The unresolved references can typically be cleaned up by creating a BACnet Notification object in the application folder of the third party BACnet device proxy that reside in SBO and manually setting the Instance ID to 0 (zero)

NOTE: Cases have been seen where multiple notification class objects must be created using instance IDs 0,1,2,3,4 in order to clean up all the unresolved references.

A few minutes after the notification class object with the proper instance ID is created the question marks should disappear from the icons and created notification class object will show up in the intrinsic alarm property as seen below.


If creating the notification class objects with the above instance IDs does not resolve all the references a backup of the server can be provided to PSS, a PSS/R&D engineer can look directly at the database to determine the proper instance IDs the unresolved references are looking for.

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