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Unable to open or delete a controller program. Every attempt results in an "A cached program cannot be opened while it is being written" error and program is unable to ...


An  "A cached program cannot be opened while it is being written"  error is displayed when attempting to open a program on a controller. 

When attempting to remove the program it does not delete and an error is shown in the distribution Properties - 'A cached program cannot be saved because the synchronization lock times out'. 


Continuum Controller


The program has not compiled properly in the controller and is in a locked state.


  1. Take the Workstation into offline mode.
  2. Export the program to a dump file to back it up.
  3. Still in offline mode, delete the program.
  4. Reload the controller.
  5. Once the reload is complete, create the program again and then add the code from your dump file backup.
  6. Save the program and test.
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