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Two stations running concurrently on a Niagara R2 computer


How can two stations run concurrently on a Niagara R2 computer?

Product Line

TAC IA Series


Niagara R2


Operate two stations by running each station on different port.


In order to run two stations simultaneously, set up one of the stations to run on a different port. By default, the station database is set up to run on port 80. Attempting to start a second station will fail if it finds the port unavailable.

Open the second station offline; right click on the station root, and select properties. On the configuration tab, set the httpPort to another value (e.g. 8080). Save and close the station database. The station should now start without conflict. Remember to open the station with the IP address followed by the port (e.g. Also, for live external links to work, the address books would have to match (adding the port number).

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