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Troubleshoot Security Expert Controllers showing offline in the client.


Troubleshoot Security Expert Controllers showing offline in the client.

Product Line

Security Expert


Security Expert


Require some common troubleshooting steps to help determine why controllers may be offline to the client.


The main items to check are:
  1. Refer to the “Troubleshooting Security Expert Controller Connectivity - Application Note" on Exchange
  2. Restart the client software.
  3. Check that the Firewall is disabled. Check any Anti-Virus Firewalls/settings as well.
  4. Restart the Security Expert services under the PC's Services option in Control Panel. These need to be restarted when any changes are made.
  5. Confirm that the module versions are all the same. Go to About  > Version and check there. If the database has not been upgraded to the same version as the client software, then this can cause communications issues.
Also, note that if you have imported a database backup, then you will need to check/change some other settings as well to ensure everything is set up for your specific server and controller.
  1. Under Global > Download Server confirm that your computer name is the name of the PC where the download server service is running.
  2. Under Global > Event Servers ensure that the computer name is the name of the PC where the event server service is running.
  3. Under Sites > Controllers confirm the Serial number, IP Address, Download Port, Download Server and Control and Status Request Port match what is set in the controller's configuration web page (browse to the controllers IP Address to view).
  4. On that same General tab go to Diagnostic Windows and open the download and event server windows. Review the information contained and if there are any errors shown.
  5. Right click the controller and select Get Health Status. Review the status messages displayed.
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