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There are some hazards using the "Work Offline" function in I/NET Seven


If you take a DCUxxxx.sav file from an older version of I/NET Seven and open it up thru the "Work Offline" editor, in a newer version of I/NET Seven (Rev 2.xx) and modify that save file, you will have issues with this DCUxxxx.sav file. 

For instance:

  • If you return this modified DCUxxxx.sav file back in the older version of I/NET Seven, you will see changes in the Time Schedules and in other functions.
  • In the "Door ATS" schedules, using a Mipped 7920 board, you will see two new schedule entries with “APB” (Anti-Passback) this could effect the way the door functions.


I/NET Site


hazards using the “Work Offline” function in I/NET Seven


The Basic rule to follow - If the Sav file came from an I/NET Seven rev (1.xx) system, then use the “Work Offline” from the same I/NET Seven rev (1.xx).

The same rule applies for the I/NET Seven rev (2.xx) – stay within the same system.

Never try to use any I/NET Seven “Work Offline” function on any I/NET 2000 DCUxxxx.sav files. This will corrupt the I/NET 2000 DCUxxxx.sav file beyond repair.

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