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The Vista.Server.WebApps.Access license is missing


When logging into TAC Vista Webstation or ScreenMate, error message:

Error Information
The following errors have occurred.
Please correct these errors and/or contact the system administrator.
The Vista.Server.WebApps.Access license is missing. This license is required for the Vista Server to allow connections to the Web Applications.

The Vista.Server.WebApp.Access license is missing


  • TAC Vista 5.1
  • Vista Webstation 5.1
  • Vista ScreenMate 5.1
  • Vista Standalone package license


If the customer purchased the Vista Standalone license package, the Server-to-Server network and ability to be used with Webstation and ScreenMate is disabled.

Two licenses are required in order to use Webstation or ScreenMate.

  1. Vista Server web function ability license:
    This license is required for Vista Server to communicate with Vista Webstation or ScreenMate. This license comes with the Vista Server license or some Vista package licenses, and cannot be purchased individually. It should look like something below in your license file:

    INCREMENT Vista.Server.WebApps.Access  taclic 5.1
  2. Actual Webstation or ScreenMate seats.
    This license is required for users to log into Webstation or ScreenMate. This license comes with the Vista Enterprise package license or being purchased separately. It should look like something below in your license file:

    INCREMENT Vista.Webstation taclic 5.1, or INCREMENT Vista.ScreenMate taclic 5.1

Vista Standalone license package does not include the first type of license; therefore, when user log into the Webstation or ScreenMate, license is missing error message is displayed.


Customer has two options to solve this issue:

  1. Purchase a full version of  Vista 5.1 Server license.
    Part number: 000882501
    Part name: VISTA 5.1 SERVER
  2. Purchase another package license which includes the full version of Vista Server license and replace it with the Vista standalone license. The standalone license can be rehost to another computer which does not need the web function for future usage. Read additional package license information in the “Software License Packages” document.
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