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Temperature Sensor Resistance Charts


Temperature Sensor Resistance Charts

Product Line

Andover Continuum, EcoStruxure Building Operation, Field Devices, Satchwell MicroNet, Satchwell Sigma, TAC IA Series, TAC INET, TAC Vista


Temperature Sensors


Temperature (°C) to Resistance Charts (ohms).

Upgrading the site BMS, but retaining the existing sensors and the sensor resistance values are not known.



The resistance of a sensor at a specific temperature can be downloaded here. The devices covered are Schneider Electrics range including Andover, TAC and Satchwell and other manufacturers temperature sensors. All are detailed below.

For the standard thermistor tables click here, where the INET, I/A and BALCO resistance tables are detailed.

This is the chart for the Precon Thermistors - ACCTemp 10K Type III thermistor also known as the 10K4A1 Thermistor.

  • In SmartStruxure IO Module universal inputs, the type of thermistor bead is classed as a: "10k Type I (Continuum)"
  • Satchwell T range now known as STR600, STP660, STD600, STO600 10K3A1 with shunt
  • Drayton DC1000, DC1100 30K6A1 now known as STR600D, STP600D, STO600D
  • Andover 10K4A1
  • TAC inc. Vista 1.8KA1
  • I/A series 10K3A1 with 11K shunt
  • INET 10K2A1 (10k Dale)
  • BALCO 1000ohm RTD

Older Satchwell ranges:

  • Satchwell DW1204, DW1305, DWS1202
  • Satchwell DO
  • Satchwell DD/DR

Other manufactures include:

  • Allerton 3K3A1
  • Ambiflex 2012, Honeywell Aquatrol, Jel/Thorn, Trend, York 10K3A1
  • Schlumberger (air) 5K3A1
  • Schlumberger (immersion) 100K6A1
  • Automatrix, York, Sibe 10K4A1
  • Honeywell 20K6A
  • Landis & Gyr
  • PT100A, PT1000A

For I/A Series Controllers (MNL/MNB)

Compatible sensors that have a built-in 11k shunt resistor include the TS-5711-850, TS-57011-850, TS-57031-850, and TSMN-90110-850 Series.

Any sensor that matches resistance to temperature curve for a 10K Thermistor Type G (U.S.Sensor), Type 9 (Dale/Vishay) or Type III (ACI Series AH) can be used with the I/A Series MNL and I/A Series MNB series controllers, provided that a 11k ± 0.1% 1/8 watt resistor is wired in parallel with the sensor.
The input has a range of -10 to 135 °F (-23.3 to 57.2 °C) with an accuracy of ±1% of span.

Temperature / Resistance Reference Values
Deg F (Deg C)
Resistance Resistance
Incl. 11k Shunt
32 (0) 25490 8,012
68 (20) 12,260 5,798
75 (25) 10,000 5,238
104 (40) 5,592 3,707
140 (60) 2,760 2,206

The full temperature / resistance table for the US Sensor 10K Thermistor R-T Curve Type G sensor can be found here. Please note that the controller may not be able to use the full temperature range shown in the table.

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