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TAC Vista to SmartStruxure Interface will not connect when TAC Vista and SmartStruxure are installed on the same machine


When TAC Vista and the SmartStruxure Enterprise server are installed on the same machine the EcoStruxure web service object will not connect to the Vista Server.

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation, TAC Vista


  • TAC Vista
  • SmartStruxure Solution
  • EcoStruxure Web Services
  • TAC Vista SmartStruxure Interface 1.0


The default ports used by the SmartStruxure Enterprise server are HTTP 80 and HTTPS 443. These are the exact same ports used for the communication between the TAC Vista SmartStruxure Interface and EcoStruxure Web Services


TAC Vista SmartStruxure Interface settings change the HTTP and HTTPS ports to something that is available and not in use on the machine. In the example below HTTP 8181 and HTTPS 8191 are used. After these ports are changed click apply and stop and restart the TAC Vista SmartStruxure Interface service.

After these port changes are made login to the Enterprise server and select properties on the TAC Vista web services object. Change the service URL to the localhost address and the proper port that was chosen in the TAC Vista SmartStruxure Interface settings. In the example below http://localhost:8181/EcoStruxure/DataExchange was used. The local IP address could also be used in place of the localhost if needed.

Another point needs to be kept in mind is that only the user in the default System user group can be used. Don't try to create other System group. And all the letters in the password need to be in capital in the password field of the window above. This is a defect that will be addressed in the next release of TAC Vista to SmartStruxure interface.

For how to create Vista interface in SmartStruxure, refer to How to Create TAC Vista Interface to SmartStruxure.

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