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Summary view for Forced Value on I/O


Summary view for Forced Value on I/O


StruxureWare Building Operation site with AS and up to 30 I/O modules per AS interlaced with power supplies.


Each point on the I/O must be visited to see if it is Forced. Limited to 30 I/O devices interfaced with power supplies, one could potentially have many points or values. To discover which ones are in Forced state, you must visit and physically look at each point.

Examples: A Digital Output with default value

Digital Output with Forced value and ON

Digital Output with Forced value and OFF



A upcoming release containing a summary page (Which is not part of the Reports Server) on the AS or ES which shows which points are Forced, which are not Forced on the I/O module.

Of course, this leads to what values are forced that are not on the I/O but perhaps created on the ES or AS, and which of those are Forced. But this request is just for those on the AS I/O modules.


A formal request for this enhancement has been requested. Hopefully a future release will provide. 

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