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Specify a TCP port for the communication between Vista and the SQL server


Is it possible to specify a TCP port for the communication between Vista and the SQL server?


  • Vista 5.1.7
  • SQL server 2008


 The default SQL Server port is 1433, and client ports are assigned a random value between 1024 and 5000.



It is possible to specify which port that should be used by the SQL server.

  1. Start the SQL Configuration Manager
  2. Expand SQL Server Network Configuration
  3. Click on Protocols "Instancename"
  4. Click on TCP/IP and open the tab IP addresses
  5. Go to the bottom fields "IP All" take away everything in the field  "TCP Dynamic port"
  6. Specify a port which SQL should use in "TCP Port"
  7. Now open the Vista server setup
  8. To specify which port Vista should use when communicating with the SQL server add a comma after the name of the SQL server and then enter the port number, in this case 27035 which also was specified in the SQL server. 
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