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Sigma - How does the alarm archiving at release 4.5 SEB work?


Alarm archiving at release 4.5 SEB.







The alarm archiving mechanism is unclear.


Sigma 4.05 SEB includes a mechanism for archiving alarms on basis of a number of conditions.

User Settings.

The user is able to set the following "Alarm File Sizes".

  •  Current (Max). this is the maximum number of alarm records * 1000.
  • Archive (20 - 50) %. this is the percentage of the "Current (Max)" record setting that will be archived. 

These setting are located in the "System Setup" / "General" / "Archive Sizes" as shown below.

Automatic Alarm Archiving.

The Sigma alarm archiving process is an automatic function that will operate to the requirements of the settings above.

When an archive takes place a low level alarm message is produced to advise the user, it does not require acknowledgement as it is only for information.

Archive alarm files are stored in the C:\Sigma\Data\ArchivedAlarms folder using a sequence reference number.

Timed Alarm Archiving.

These Schedules are located in the "System Setup" / "General" / "Scheduled Actions", and the first step is to create an "Action", as shown below.

 Next create either a "Daily" or a "Once Only" schedule.

The alarms will now be archived on a regular basis as dictated by the above schedule.

Please note that the archive will still follow the configuration setup up in "Archive Sizes".

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