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Sigma - Communications with the site DNN's and ARCnet sub-lans are not possible


Communications with the Sigma controllers are not possible.

Product Line

Satchwell Sigma


  • Communications
  • ARCnet
  • RIP
  • Firewall


Communications with the Sigma controllers are not possible because the Windows Firewall is blocking messages.


This article assumes that the Sigma system is using RIP Listener, and that it is operational on the Sigma server. If persistent routes are used, please see Persistent routing on the Sigma server.

Turn off the Windows firewall, does this allow normal operation, if it does then follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Windows firewall and choose the "Exceptions" tab.
  2. Choose Add Port.
  3. Enter name "Sigma" - Port number "49152" - "UDP"
  4. Select "OK"


Repeat the process for RIP Listener.

  1. Choose Add Port.
  2. Enter name "RIP" - Port number "520" - "UDP"
  3. Select "OK"

With the Windows firewall turned on test the Sigma communications.

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