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Setting up two-factor authentication in Access Expert


Need to set up two-factor authentication in Access Expert

Product Line

Access Expert


  • Access Expert Premise Software
  • Access Expert Hosted software


Additional cybersecurity is needed on site


  1. Log in to access expert
  2. Ensure your phone number is set up properly on your account. Needs to include country code2019-09-04_14-00-42.png
  3. Click the file tab and select User Settings
  4. Click Setup Two Factor Authentication
  5. Enter in your password
  6. Ensure the phone number is correct. Needs to have country code  2019-09-04_14-02-18.png
  7. Click Verify
  8. Enter in confirmation code
  9. Check Enable Two Factor Authentication
  10. Select SMS or QR Code
  11. Click OK
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