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Security Expert alarms are removed from the alarm view once they are acknowledged


Unable to configure alarms to remain active after being acknowledged if they are still in the alarm condition.

Product Line

Security Expert


Security Expert


Security Expert handles alarms a little differently to the rest of our product lines. The main difference being that everything is event based with each transition being an event which can itself trigger an alarm if it has been configured to do so.

Those alarms are then seen as "active alarms" in the system (showing up in the Active Alarms Status Page View) until they are acknowledged by an Operator. Each alarm transition is separate with there being no direct tie to the current status of the object/condition that triggered the original alarm.


What you can do is have both an Active Alarms list and an Acknowledged Alarms list in the same status page view. That way you will be able to see the last events that have triggered an alarm and if it has been acknowledged by an operator yet or not. This coupled with a status list of the objects you are monitoring can provide the operator with enough information to identify and manage each event transition of the alarm condition.

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