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STR-250 is displaying "00" or random characters


The STR-250 will not respond to any input and the display is incorrect, typically flashing random characters or 00. During this behavior the Xenta 102-AX will remain offline and unresponsive, no longer controlling room temperature.

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Xenta 102-AX
  • STR-250


A firmware error has been identified in the TAC Xenta 102-AX (and 102-AX-U8) version 2.14, when they are used together with STR-250, the LCD version of STAT. A certain sequence of key strokes will cause the Xenta 102-AX to lock up. A firmware upgrade is available. Until that has been downloaded a power cycle will in most cases recover the controller.

See the full TPA-MALR-10-0004.00.


  1. The 102-AX Firmware error is fixed in version 2.16 and later.
  2. Instructions on how to properly upgrade the 102-AX are located here: Upgrading a Xenta 102-AX to version 2.16 or later
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