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Replacing an EP1501 controller


When replacing an EP1501 controller, does all doors and schedules have to be recreated?

Product Line

Access Expert


  • Server 2012
  • SQL 2012 R2


EP1501 Controller loses power and starts going on/off line continuously and need to be replaced.


To replace an EP1501 controller, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Open up the instance that the device is configured on
  2. From the hardware tree, select the device that needs to be replaced
  3. Double click to open a new window
  4. Once the replacement device is powered and configured, copy its MAC address
  5. On the old one,  delete it' s MAC address and paste the new one in
  6. Perform a save and close, then right click and select the option to Reboot
  7. Once the controller comes online again it will start communicating with the sub devices
  8. Open up a Live Monitoring Window and verify that events are coming in correctly
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