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Replacing Satchwell Sensors with Schneider Electric part numbers


Replacing Satchwell Sensors with Schneider Electric part numbers

Product Line

Field Devices




Cross referencing older 'T' type sensors to the current version.


  • Outside Sensor DOT2301 , DOT0001, DOT0002 is now STO600
  • Immersion Pipe Sensor DWT1701 (125mm), DWT1702 (200mm), DWT0001 is now STP660 (note, if replacing sensor only then DWA0001 required).
  • Strap On/Pipe Contact Sensor DST1601 , DST0001 is now STC600
  • Duct Sensor (mainly FCUs) DDU1803 , DDU0001 is now STD670
  • Duct Sensor DDT1701 (300mm) , DDT1702 (460mm) , DDT0001 is now STD660
  • Room Sensor DRT3453 (sensor only, no setpoint adjust) is now STR600
  • For other DR and DRT sensors see Replacements for Satchwell sensors
  • Drayton Room Sensor A701 is now STR600D
  • Drayton Outside Sensor A702 is now STO600D
  • Drayton Immersion Sensor A703 is now STP600D
  • Drayton Strap On / Contact Sensor A704 is now STC600D
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