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Replacing Automation Server hardware


  • What is the proper way to replace AS hardware for an existing node.
  • Cannot get the AS to come online in the Enterprise Server after replacing the AS hardware for an existing node.


  • Enterprise Server
  • Automation Server


  • To replace the AS hardware, a backup must have been made from the original AS while it was online. 
  • Simply changing the controller name, IP information, and domain  information in the AS will not be sufficient for bringing the controller online in the ES.

Before the new automation server can be brought online, the backup from the original controller must be restored to the new AS directly.


This procedure assumes that you have a backup of the original AS.

  1. From Device Administrator and the USB interface, run the SetIP command to configure the following information in the new AS to match the original AS configuration.
    Note: You will have to use the version of Device Administrator that matches the replacement AS firmware.
  2. If necessary, use the appropriate version of Device Administrator to Upgrade or downgrade the firmware in the new AS so that it matches the Enterprise Server and/or the original AS hardware firmware.
  3. Install the AS then backplane.
  4. From StruxureWare workstation, log into the AS using the hardware's IP address for the Server field.
  5. Right click on the server name and select Restore.
  6. If the backup does not appear in the Available restore points window, click on Import Backup Set and browse to the backup file.
  7. Select Configuration only or All data in the window on the left.
  8. Select restore.
  9. Once the restore has completed the AS displays a solid green status light, log off the AS and log into the ES.

The controller should now appear online in the ES.

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