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Replacement of the 7801 TAP


Replacement of the 7801 TAP.

Product Line



I/NET site with TAP configuration


Desire to upgrade or replace the old TAP configuration


First of all, perform a good backup of the existing site.

7770, 7771, 7797, 7801 TAP replacement hardware explains the replacement of several TAP hardware devices.

If the site has a 7801 TAP, the Xenta 527 would be a replacement choice.

  1. In I/O server instead of Link Type being Direct, it should be None.
  2. Then Enable the TCP/IP and put in the credentials for the Xenta 527.
  3. In Network Config, save Xenta 527 link
  4. Penetrate and save all below the Xenta 527 to DB
  5. Configure Host Mask for Host computer, as well as Xenta 527

The site technicians will need to follow the TCONs and manuals for the Xenta to Host pc, including the wiring and Host Computer configuration, and network connection. This is clearly explained.

Also, for the sub controllers,

  1. Connect to the controller one at a time
  2. Select Edit, Controller, Configuration
  3. In the Distribution Parameters section, change the selection from Reliable Tap to None.
  4. Reset that controller by cycling power or pressing RED reset button
  5. Check the transactions window of AMT to ensure events coming in

The site engineers/technicians will need to take time and looking through the material and changing out the TAP with a Xenta requires time and concentration so that it is a smooth transition. 

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