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Replace 7792 (7790) and 7793 (7790A) LIU with 7798C


Separate a 7792 or 7793 into two 7798C

Product Line



  • Site using I/NET


Need to replace a 7792 or 7793 which is two channels (A&B) and replace with two 7798C


Make a backup of the I/NET Seven system using DBCreate.

Then making sure that your SAV files are current for the 7792 or 7793, send those as attachments to Product Support. We can separate and send back two separate SAV files. Those files will need to be renamed to the appropriate name for the new 7798C.


one 7793 split into two DCUsave files:
Original DCU0101.SAV becomes
DCU0101.sav = Old 7793 “A” channel
DCU0102.sav = Old 7793 “B” channel

For SAV file upgrade information see How to upgrade bin and SAV files in I/NET controllers.

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