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PID definitions


PID Definitions and definition for AutoTune PIDs.


Continuum 1.94 or StruxureWare Building Operation 1.1 and higher desiring to use Proportional Integral Derivative control


Argument for bPID in Continuum and StruxureWare Building Operation are:

Arg 1 Ena

Arg 2 Type

Arg 3 Cv

Arg 4 SP

Arg 5 Kp

Arg 6 LKi

Arg 7 LKd

Arg 8 Db

Arg 9 OP

Arg 10 Bias

Arg 11 Isum

Arg 12 err

Arg 13 Ltim


Arguments for AutoTuner PID Continuum and StruxureWare Building Operation are:

Arg 1 Ena Tuning Enable

Arg 2 Type type of control

Arg 3 Cv Measured variable

Arg 4 SP Setpoint

Arg 5 Kp Proportional gain constant

Arg 6 Ki Integral gain constant

Arg 7 Kd Derivative gain constant

Arg 8 Db Deadband

Arg 9 OP Output

Arg 10 Lag Output Device Lag time

Arg 11 Dev Deviation from setpoint allowed 

Arg 12 Pd Passed Data Array of 17 Numerics

Arg 13 Ta Time Date Array of 3 Variables


For AutoTunerPID Wizard keep in mind that it is different than PID or often referred to as BPID. There are 3 types of PIDs

1. bPID (normal PID)

2. Simple PID (which was used for less memory available in controllers and had 9 Arguments)

3. AutoTunerPID (designed to be run once on a system to ascertain the required values of Proportional, Integral and Derivative factors (Kp, Ki, Kd), when complete the function is normally to be replaced by the standard PID function as it will run faster with less system overhead. However when tuning is complete the PID tuning function will continue to control the plant using the standard PID function.)

Please note that PIDs are no longer autoconfig and there is no generic PID functionality with Continuum 1.94 and StruxureWare Building Operation 1.1 and higher, but custom solutions instead. 


bPID information on page 101 available HERE

Simple PID is on page 90 of the above link

AutoTunerPID information available HERE

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