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Opening customer's Sigma data files in Sigma on another computer


Mixing version of Sigma data

Product Line

Satchwell Sigma


Opening customer's Sigma data files in Sigma on another computer.
For example: an engineer needs the site information on his laptop while carrying out a maintenance visit.


When a specific Sigma version is loaded onto a computer, only data files from the same Sigma version should be used. 


It is known copying over the whole Sigma folder from another version of Sigma to your computer can appear to work, this should not be done.
Any files that have been looked at, on another computer, in this way  should not be restored onto the customers machine.

Some issues caused by doing this will not always be obvious as many of the Sigma tasks are completed in the background. The site could be left with a potential issue or corrupted files.

Rather than uninstalling Sigma and re-installing the correct versions on the main computer operating system, Virtual machines each with different Sigma versions could be created.

Further information, showing Sigma release numbers against Build numbers, can be found in How to identify the Sigma Version installed on a Computer.

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