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Not possible to get a 911 or Xenta Server online in TAC Vista.


Not possible to get a 911 or Xenta Server online in TAC Vista.
It is possible to ping it, it is possible to connect to it via a Web browser, port 443, 80 and 1068 is open  but it is not possible to get online in Vista.


TAC Vista

TAC Xenta 911

TAC Xenta Server


When starting a IP analyzer on the Vista computer it looked like this:

Packet number 57439:
Vista is trying to establish a communication to the 911( sending a SYN).
Packet number 57440:
The Xenta sends a acknowledge on the SYN from Vista but with the window size set to zero this is because the Xenta can't buffer information like a computer does.
Packet number 57441:
Vista  sends a acknowledge on the message from the Xenta
Packet number 57448:
The Xenta sets a correct window size.
Packet number 57449:
Vista starts to communicate
Packet number 57452:
The Xenta close the communication to the Vista server

The problem in this case was that another Vista server was connected to the 911. 
Could have been a technician or the customer that have started Vista with this database loaded.
The 911 will only communicate with one Vista at the time and will close the connection if another Vista tries to communicate with it. 


Only have one Vista server started where the 911 is included in the database.

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