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NS Connections #13 lcaErrConnSvctypeNotConfigurable


An attempt was made to modify the protocol service type attribute, and that attribute was not specified as configurable.


  • Vista
  • LonMaker
  • SNVT binding types


For network variables, the service type can be specified in the connection information in the Neuron C variable declaration. The options are unackd, nackd_rpt and ackd. The keyword config is the default. This allows a network management tool to change the service specification at installation time. The keyword nonconfig indicates that the service type cannot be changed by a network management tool.


Echelon requests to please refer to the Neuron C Reference Guide for more information.

To see which binding type is necessary, open the .XIF in a text editor and look for the following definition:

XIF Definition of Line 2, Field 5: Default service type to use for connections containing this variable. Set to 0 for acknowledged, 1 for repeated, or 2 for unacknowledged.

Created bindings needs to match the type defined in the XIF file. 

  1. Right click on the SNVT and go to properties. 
  2. Go to binding type. 
  3. Ensure binding type is the same, i.e. you cannot bind a Repeated SNVT type to a point that was flagged for only Acknowledged bindings. 
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